It was a productive 2017 at Profi-Shutters! We have covered a lot of ground and we are looking forward to 2018, another great year of shutters distribution. Now that we look back at this year, we notice that there is a lot to reflect on. We are really proud of what has transpired at our factory, a lot more shutters work and what happened on the road: a lot more shutters deliveries and custom california window shuttersinstallations. This year we have covered literally the whole of the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, leaving customers happy with their new purchase and a new look of their rooms.

As it gets colder outside, we are also happy to know that our customers are worry-free from replacing shutters during the next few cold months that are going to happen. We know that their shutters will serve them right by providing them the right light control and lowering their heating bills. That is right; our shutters help to keep the heat in due to their density and strong build. Now, that’s what we call high quality shutters!

With lots going we are excited to bring in 2018 with full speed! We looking forward to covering more and more areas and bringing our shutters to your neighbourhood. Expanding coverage and fast delivery is only some of our paramount goals. We also plan to touch up our factory in Vaughan and increasing even more deliveries. Indeed, this time around our shutters are in demand. A lot of people think it is summer, but our shutters serve people right every season.

But, how come are your shutters so all season prepared?

That is a very good question. Our shutters are ready because they are properly installed by our professionals and that they are built out of Poly-Tek, a resource that does not know gnaw or loose its colours over time. This material is only found at Profi and it really does make a nigh and day difference when it comes to purchasing shutters. Please feel free to inquire us about how our shutters are better than wood or vinyl.

We are truly keeping things warm and friendly at our factory in Vaughan. If you would like to get in touch please do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can end your shutters search today. We would like to personally wish you all the best in the New Year and we are always looking forward to be hearing from YOU. Our #1 shutters enthusiast. Please stay tuned for more info, advise and news about shutters! HAPPY HOLIDAYS.