Why shutters, not any other window coverings?

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This question has been in a long discussion here in our Vaughan Profi-Shutters factory: why shutters, not other coverings such as curtains? This is a good question that we often get and today we would like to discuss exactly this question. As you may be aware there are blinds, curtains, and other kinds of coverings that are there but those are being phased out now and are replaced by shutters and the question is why? Let’s break it down, step-by-step, shall we?

To make it easier, let’s start with curtains and how shutters are better, shall we?

Curtains can easily get dirty, tangled and dysfunctional. As you may already know, your children can spill drinks on them, the custom california window shuttersropes get twisted in a knot often and curtains have a tendency to get tangled easily. Besides, this is an old approach to covering windows. Our shutters are easily cleaned with a damp cloth, they don’t get tangled and are always functional. Our shutters are there to serve you everyday; our lifetime warranty. Please feel free to inquire us about our warranties or if you have any other questions today.

Now, let’s proceed to blinds. We would like to examine vertical blinds in this case. Firstly, most blinds are made out of plastic which turn yellow rather quickly (within 7 years). Our shutters do not because they are made out of Poly-Tek, a resource that does not gnaw, crack, or turn yellow. Please feel free to inquire us about Poly-Tek or any other question that you may have, we are here for you. Besides the yellowing of your blinds, they also tend to get tangled as they get older; especially the vertical ones. Ours do not because they are built well and installed in place correctly by our professionals. We make sure we guide you step-by-step, all the way until your shutters experience is completed and we strive to make your experience 100% positive.

There are other kinds of window coverings but we take pride in ours because we know they are the best. How our shutters are the best? They are the best they are the most trendiest, modern and sturdiest on the market. If you feel out our blades you will quickly feel that they are solid but not too dense, they function well and are easily adjustable but not too complicated to control. So, therefore, we recommend you to contact us today to hear out how we can end your window coverings. Please, stay tuned for more shutters advice, news and much, much more! Take care and all the best from the Profi-Shutters team.