What is PolyTek?

Poly Tek is formulated from a unique, extruded to shape polymer designed specifically with the Shutter application in mind, making it a best material available to make the best shutters available.

Why do we use PolyTek?

Poly Tek was designed by shutters experts. It truly is a remarkable advancement over the traditional substrates available and used to manufacture shutters. Poly Tek has an R-Value of 6.16, the highest value of any shutter on the market today.

How many choices for shutters are there?

Customers really have three choices: Wood, Plastic/Vinyl and Poly Tek. Wood has been the traditional substrate because it was the only material available. But just like boats or window frames, was a poor second to the technologies available today. Several years ago the plastics industry decided to extrude profiles that would take the place of wood. For a short while this was the only option to wood: but this was a true plastic shutter developed by a plastics expert. It lacked the aesthetic and traditional look associated with a wood shutter, still had all the problems inherent to wood and added a few new ones.

This vision culminated in the development of the PolyTek shutter. It is quite simply the best shutter available in the world today.

Why is PolyTek better than other traditional substrates?

PolyTek is Unaffected by Moisture. Wood will expand and contract causing warping, Cracking, Peeling, Chipping and Slitting. This will never happen with PolyTek. Use it on the sea coast, in the bathrooms in the Sauna, or forget to close the windows in a rain storm – no worry.

PolyTek is also the easiest window treatment to clean. Simply use a damp cloth or non-abrasive cleaning substance to wipe them down

PolyTek is three times more energy efficient than wood or vinyl shutters. The question here is not how much shutters cost, but how much they save.

PolyTek is paintable

The paint is baked on providing a beautiful finish. Vinyl and plastic shutters are extruded to colour allowing fading and discolouration over time. This will never happen with Poly-Tek. PolyTek has much better light control than traditional shutters. In comparison, wood is hygroscopic meaning it has the ability to give off and take in moisture.

This characteristic of wood allows it to expand and contract causing a once perfectly straight plank of bow, twist and warp. When this happens to louvers and panels it allows light through the gaps. With PolyTek you will always get perfect closure.

Poly Tek is many times stronger than wood so it is almost impervious to damage. People using it commercially love it because it will withstand most abuse with very little maintenance, thus reducing cleaning cost. PolyTek shutters have a patented tight pin used in panel fabrication.

This thigh pin gives you the same louver tension control year round. With any other shutter, however, a long screw is used to adjust the tension inside the panel. As the wooden shutter expands and contracts with the air moisture, the screw will need constant adjustment. PolyTek is listed and tested by underwriters laboratory and has A V O rating.

It gets no better than this. It is self-extinguishing when one takes the flame source away. PolyTek can be used above the third floor in commercial buildings allowing our shutters to go where no other shutters had gone before.

We hope this helps answer your questions and familiarize you with PolyTek. Feel free to contact us with any other specific question you might have, or scroll down and read our comparison chart that compares PolyTek shutters with wood and vinyl shutters.

Compare Our PolyTek Shutters to Wood & Vinyl

Wood & vinyl are commonly used by other shutter manufacturers – but are they as good as our PolyTek shutter? Find out below with our handy shutter comparison chart.

PolyTek ShuttersWood ShuttersVinyl Shutters
Resists Moisture
UV Resistant
Resists Warping
Resists Colour Fade
Resists Cracking
Termite Resistant
Fire Resistant
Solid Component
Quality Appearance
Involuntary Tension Control
Environmentally Friendly
Easy Maintenance
Overall Rating5 star rating2 star rating3 star rating

While vinyl and wooden shutters will look nice initially, they are likely to suffer the effects of moisture, humidity and sunlight after a few years. If you’re looking for the best shutters for your home, then our PolyTek California shutters should be your choice.

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