Fall is officially here and the beautiful mild weather is on our hands but that still doesn’t mean consistently increasing and decreasing sunlight. During this season, the sun tends to get intense and less intense as the day progresses. Certainly, the sunlight is not as stable as it is during the summer season. You might find yourself wanting to get more light control, wherever you are, at home or at your business office. Recently, we have been attending the Durham region a lot, just east of Toronto, and have noticed how beautiful the outdoors get there, would you want to enjoy this fall season without worry?

Wouldn’t you want to control the amount of light exposure there is coming into your business? For private, comfort or commercial reasons, we have the best controllable shutters there are! Our shutters are durable and are built to serve their role in your windows. They can be at a industrial or at a commercial complex to cover those windows that are in need some sort of natural light blocking. The next questions we get often are: why do I need shutters in the first place? Can’t I just leave the windows as they are? The answer is no because you or your employees will eventually want to control the amount of light being exposed into your rooms for comfort to continue to with your busy day.

As you may have observed by reading Today’s article, that shutters are ideal not only for homes but for business also; just about anywhere where there is a window there needs to be some sort of covering. But, why shutters in particular and not curtains for example? Curtains are harder to manipulate when it comes to light control, harder to clean and in general get tangled. Our shutters do not. They are easy to clean, control, and do not get tangle so that they do not interrupt anything going on in your rooms. They are controlled differently, rather than just by a string like most curtains. Our shutters are controlled rather by a lever. Finally, our shutters are durable, they can withstand usage and if the window is slightly open they stay stiffly in their place, unlike curtains that can be blown into a direction that you might not want.

Indeed, there are a lot of safety measures that shutters allow you to follow better when being compared to curtains. Lastly, our shutters are made of Poly-Tek, a resource that is only found at Profi. What is that you may ask? It is a material that does gnaw, corrode, loose colour, or its texture. Unlike wood that gnaws or plastic that turns yellowish, ours do not, making them ideal for many kinds of different properties, businesses, situations and locations.

At Profi-Shutters, your businesses’ window covering is our business. We take seriously your operation needs. This is why we make sure your shutters transition process is as transparent as possible; our professional installers will guide you step-by-step, all the way until you are satisfied with your new purchase. We service all of the GTA & beyond, including Durham region, at all types of properties. If you have any questions about how our shutters are better or if you would like to get in touch, please feel free to contact us today to find out how we can end your shutters search and have you continue with your ongoing daily business without any interruptions…