As the weather gets cooler, we find ourselves looking for warmth more and more as the days progress into the winter season. After a recent measurement/ installation prep at a Toronto neighbourhood, we found ourselves wondering, what will the cooler seasons bring us this time around? Driving back to our factory just north of Toronto, we look at all the endless homes & properties that will need shutters because the old ones just do not cut it anymore. It seems like this winter is going to be cold one and we are feeling confident that our shutters are ready to meet it with fully swing.

How come? How do we feel that our shutters will play their roles as light adjusters, heat conservators, and in overall custom california window shuttersfunctionality? This is what we will go into more depth about today. Firstly, our shutters are a one time install, there will be no need for new shutters, ever again. It is our lifetime warranty, please feel free to inquire us about this. The reason why our shutters are built to last a lifetime is because they are made of Poly-Tek, a material only found at our factory in the Greater Toronto Area.

It does not gnaw or corrode from snow or moisture, all you have to do is wipe it off! The blades with wood shutters expand and loose their usability if exposed to water; not ours. Additionally, these shutters keep the heat in very well so even if you crack a window slightly open to let the air in, the shutters will play a role in letting just enough cold/ cooler air in. They are also durable, so that if a little bit of wind hits them, it won’t damage it like wood. Also, our shutters are better than plastic because they do not loose their colour or turn yellowish and you can definitely paint them black or whichever colour you might like. Please do feel free to ask about this too.

But, how do you find good shutters in your area?

This is a good question. Firstly, look up the reviews. After you have gone through them, proceed to contacting the company and hearing them out. After arranging with them an appointment, when they do come, check out their products. Feel it out, look closely at the mechanisms and slightly tap the blades to make sure they are in place. When you check out our shutters, you will quickly realize that there aren’t any better quality blades out there and our shutters are easily controllable! Finally, after you find what you are looking for, the installation must be done right and our professional installers make sure the job is done right from the first visit!

Indeed, our workdays are busy installing and at night we reflect about how every window should be properly covered. That right, every window. We look into the frames, how your window is positioned and the angles that we have to work around to have the right shutters installed for you forever. From California shutters to any questions that you might have or if you would like to get in touch, please feel free to contact us today to hear out how we can end your shutters search today. As always we are looking forward to be hearing from you and we would like to wish you all the best. Please stay tuned for more shutters info, advice & news from Profi.