In the previous Newsletter we went over how great our shutters would look for your office but that is not the limitation of our shutters! They are also a great furniture for your windows in your factory, commercial space or wherever you might call home. In Today’s post, we will get into detail about how our shutters are custom and how they fit many different kinds of establishments. Indeed, inquiring about custom shutters that will last is a very important concern when considering buying new shutters. You want to make sure that they are there to serve you right and you want to make sure that you wont have to worry about them again. Now, let’s get in to more detail about how our shutters are customized…

Our shutters are custom thanks to our great installers, they prepare your shutters in our factory in Vaughan specially made for custom california window shuttersyour property. They come, take their own measurements down and return to our production warehouse just north of Toronto to adjust the shutters and to make sure that they are ready to be served. Now, before you read any further you might be asking yourself: why shutters and not blinds? Well, blinds get tangled easily and harder to keep clear. Our shutters are easily controlled and pulled out of the way easily. We know that time is very important to you and the last thing you want is your window covering to be taking it up. This is why we make sure that we install you shutters right from the very first time!

How else are your shutters custom?
Our shutters are custom because they are made out of a special resource that is not found anywhere else: Poly-Tek. What is that? It is a material that does loose its colour, usability, or durability throughout the years. It makes your shutters easily cleanable and it also maintains a nice clear cut modern look. Certainly, they are also paintable. Please do inquire us about this if you require more information about the painting procedure of our shutters.

Lastly, our shutters are meant to fit many different types of windows including industrial & commercial properties. At Profi, we have a wide variety that you may choose from california shutters to plantation shutters. Please inquire us about what we have to offer or browse through our website to find out more about products. We understand the demands of your property and what you will need when it comes to covering those windows, this is why we urge not to hesitate and to contact us today to find out how we can help YOU.

So before we end Today’s shutters news @ Profi, we would like to go over with you on why you should shutters over blinds. You should choose shutters over blinds because they are easier to maintain, control, and they tend to last much longer. Alright, you may say, shutters seem like a better option but what about wood or plastic shutters? And our answer to that is that wood will corrode once water is exposed to your shutters and plastic looses its colour, white tends to become more yellowish over time. Our Poly-Tek shutters do not do any of this. They are meant to last, it is our lifetime guarantee.

Feeling ready to take the next step? If so, contact us today and we will guide you with what you have to do when it comes to taking the next steps. If you have any questions or if you would like to get in touch, we are always here for you so please feel free to contact us to find out how we can put an end to your shutters search right away! As always, we are looking forward to be hearing from YOU and we will like to wish you all the best in the nearby future.