If you find asking yourself how do I choose the right shutters? Profi-Shutters, is more than glad to answer that question! The right shutters have to have the most modern, up-to-date shutters you can find that are perfect for new developments. There are 3 types of shutters: Wood, Plastic/Vinyl & Poly-Tek and at our showroom we chose Poly-Tek. But, what is Poly-Tek and how is it better than wood? Today’s blog will answer all of your questions about it.

Wood is affected by moisture and on Poly-Tek it does not. This material was designed by shutters experts with the R-Value of 6.16. Poly-Tek is of the highest value of any shutter on the market today. In the beginning the only option was wood but it has to be replaced once in a few years due to cracking, peeling, and chipping. Thankfully, now we have Poly-Tek, a shaped polymer designed specifically to withstand years and years of sustainability.

Another drawback when it comes to wood is that it tends to get weaker throughout the years. Poly-Tek on the other hand is many times stronger so it almost impervious to damage because they are very durable. When wood is exposed to moisture, it expands and contracts, causing it have larger gaps between the shutters, thus allowing more sunlight in. As when being compared to Poly-Tek, it never twists or wraps.

When being compared to vinyl, Poly-Tek is definitely more paint friendly. Vinyl tends to extrude colour, allowing fading and discolouration overtime. This will never happen with Poly-Tek. You can choose from many different colours for you to paint our shutters from and not have to worry about it fading later! Aside from them being paintable, our shutters are three times more energy efficient than wood or vinyl/ plastic shutters.

We hope that this article helped you with you choosing the right shutters for your new home and helped you familiarize yourself of Poly-Tek. If you have any questions or if you would like to get in touch plese feel free to contact us today.

To kick-start 2017, we have a brief/intro video about our shutters:

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