At Profi-Shutters, a lot of people as us this: when should I change my shutters? And we have an answer for that: with our Poly-Tek shutters, there is no need to change your shutters because we use Poly-Tek! Backed with a 24 year warranty, our shutters are there to last! If you go with the other shutters offered on the market, we say once every 5 to 7 years but why worry about shutters when you can get them from our center just north of Vaughan and not worry about them again? At our company we understand time is valuable that is why we replace your shutters right away so that you have more time for other things.


Morris, expert @Profi-Shutters

This leads to the next question that we are inquired so much about: what is Poly-Tek? It is a resource that is found only at our store that does not ware over time. It does not fade or corrode. Are you tired of your shutters loosing colour because of the sun? Well, look no further! Our shutter’s DO NOT FADE! They are easy to clean and paint. Please inquire us about colours before attempting to paint them, we will instruct you how to have your shutters properly in place. Our experts like Morris have a lot to mention when it comes to shutters so why not give a call today and see how we can help YOU.

So, our advice to change your shutters every several years due to usage is only for plastic or wood shutters but with Poly-Tek, it is once every quarter of a century! They are ideal for your home, business or industrial sites. Are you away from home often? If you are, then why worry about shutters once every several years when you can have Profi-Shutters install our Poly-Tek shutters once and for all? At our shutters store just north of Toronto we care about what we do because we want you to have a peace of mind.