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Premium Quality Custom-Made California Shutters

All of our PolyTek Shutters are 100% custom-made. We customize our California shutter panels to match and compliment your existing window trim, and ensure a perfect fit to your window or door.

Our shutters fit perfectly in sliding doors, French doors , bow/bay windows and windows with arch. Our shutters are strong, rigid, durable and will last a lifetime. They will never warp, chip, crack, fade, split peel, or yellow and they are almost impossible to break because they are:

  • aluminum reinforced
  • made to order in our Toronto factory
  • painted with the latest non-yellowing acrylic paint
  • heat resistant
  • moisture resistant

PolyTek Shutters are highly resistant to the effects of moisture in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and humid climates, unlike wood or vinyl shutters.

How Your PolyTek Shutters are Made

All of our PolyTek California shutters are custom made to order in our Toronto factory.

The manufacturing process begins with binding an aluminum core into the center channel of a cellular polymer piece (this technique is known as co-extrusion) to create durable shutters with the inherent strength: rigid and non-flexible. That gives an additional protection against high winds and storms, as well as improves the level of your home security.

To joint the shutter parts most manufacturers use screws, whereas we use simple and strong mortise and tenon method, when the end of one of the members is inserted into a hole cut in the other member. (The end of the first member is called the tenon, and it is usually narrowed with respect to the rest of the piece. The hole in the second member is called the mortise. The connection may be glued, pinned, or wedged to lock it in place.)

PolyTek Shutters have an easy opening and shutting mechanism.

We have introduced a new louver technology where one rack and pinion gear system connected together and concealed within the shutter, eliminating the need for a tilt rod. This offers a complete clear-view to the shutter ensuring maximum natural light is allowed into your room. We also use a special louver tension pin.

how shutters are made

Perfect Light & Privacy Control

All our California shutters have operable louvers which allow you to have complete control of the light coming inside your home. Equally, our shutters allow maximum natural light into your home when you need it.

We know that light control is an essential component of good plantation shutters, therefore we make sure that each plantation shutter louver opens and closes completely in other to block out sun light. In additional to blocking sunlight, our plantation shutters allow for 100% privacy from the outside.

shutters light and privacy control

Maintenance Free & Super Easy to Clean

Unlike traditional curtains which need to be removed from the curtain rod and washed/dried, or blinds our California shutters are virtually maintenance free and very easy to clean – you simply need to wipe them off with a duster or damp cloth to remove any dust.

The PolyTex material that our shutters are made from is extremely easy to clean and the high quality acrylic paint we use ensures they will always look and perform like new.

PolyTek is Code Compliant and “Eco-Friendly”

When making a real wood shutter, more than 50% of a tree is wasted before it even gets to your window. Rather than using wood and further depleting the forests, Profi-Shutters is proud to offer a green product that is highly energy efficient and 100% recyclable.

Taking environmental protection issues into consideration seriously, Profi-Shutters Inc . has chosen to implement best practices by offering you earth-smart PolyTek Shutters that will minimize any negative impacts on our environment.

No trees are harmed in the manufacturing of your PolyTek shutters, and our combination of PolyTek and aluminium core is 100% recyclable 🙂

Our California shutters can also help your home be more energy saving than any other window treatments on the market. By efficiently blocking out sunlight during hot summer days, your air conditioning will need to work less.

Profi-Shutters Lifetime Warranty

For your total peace of mind, all of our custom PolyTek California shutters are covered by our iron-clad lifetime (24 Year) warranty.

lifetime shutters warranty

Premium Quality Shutters, Made in Toronto at Prices You’ll Love

We are not just another shutter ‘installer’ or ‘supplier’ – we actually custom make 100% of our California shutters in our Toronto factory. Making everything ourselves ensures perfect quality every time and allows us to pass on substantial cost savings to our customers – we spend our money on the highest quality materials, not on shipping!

Our custom-made PolyTek shutters are far superior to wood or vinyl shutters in their performance, lifespan and durability (we offer a lifetime warranty on all our shutters) – all for a price that is typically comparable or lower than our competitors!

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