At Profi-Shutters, a lot of people ask us this question: What is the difference between California & Plantation Shutters? And, we have an answer for that. It is a difference in size of the width shutter. In the photo below, you can see that the Plantation shutters have thicker blades:


The main difference is that plantation shutters are 3″ 1/2 inch and California Shutters are 2″1/2. Here’s an example of a California shutter:


At our shutters store, we have a large selection of California & Plantation shutters for you to choose from and we customized exactly to the measurements that you need them to be. Our shutters professionals in Vaughan have years of experience in installing our high quality, Poly-tek shutters. Just as a reminder, Poly-Tek is a special resource that we use to build shutters. It does not gnaw or stain, so that you have a piece of mind when you purchase our shutters.

We have plenty of suggestions and examples that you may choose from that we why we ask you to call so that we can show and explain to you how Profi-Shutters is the best choice in the Greater Toronto Area. Indeed, it is commonly confused between the types of shutters, so to make it easier for you to remember it is the: difference in size of the shutter blade. One is thicker than the other.

If you desire more explanation about shutters or about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can install the best shutters in the region. Yes, we do deliver! At Profi-Shutters we are always looking forward to be fulfilling your requests and providing you the peace of mind that you are always looking for when it comes to shutters.